Justin White Violin and Guitar Maker

Maker of violins and guitars, modern and historical

Guitars: Modern and Historical

The classical guitar I make is baed on the traditional Spanish guitar, with a fan-braced soundbaord. A Flamenco version is also available on request. 

I also make a range of guitars based historical models. These instruments are smaller and more lightly built than modern guitars and have a charming appearance as well as a beautiful bell-like tone. The primary Romantic era guitar I produce is based on an instrument by Rene Lacote. A terz guitar of my own design is also available, as well as a four course Renaissance guitar. These guitars are not exact 'visual copies' of original instruments, but are built to the design specifications of the originals. As these are non-standard sized instruments it can be difficult to source suitable cases. Therefore, I make a custom timber case for each historical guitar. 

The materials used are typically as follows:

Soundboard: Spruce or Cedar

Back and sides: Tasmanian Blackwood, Indian Rosewood*, Walnut or Figured Maple

Fingerboard: Ebony or rosewood*

Trimmings: Blackwood, Maple or Rosewood*

Finish: Oil varnish - French polishing available for an additional $100 


* Indian Rosewood is subject to availability due to CITES listing. I cannot ship instruments with this timber outside Australia. 


Fan-braced Spanish style classical. Scale: 650mm, nut: 52mm




Lacote Model

Based on a guitar of around 1830, it has a string length of 630mm. The headpiece is an hourglass shape with friction pegs, but can also be made as a slotted headpiece with modern tuning machines.

With friction pegs: $2000

With tuning machines: $2200

terz Guitar

This guitar is my own design based on the design of original terz guitars. The terz instrument has an open string tuning equivalent to the third fret of a regular guitar and it was a popular instrument for duets. It has a smaller and shallower body and s string length of 550mm.




The renaissance guitar I make is my own design based on iconography and historical instrument building practices. It has four courses with a single top string and a string length of 550mm. The frets are tied gut and the rosette is a layered laser cut supplied by Gamut Music. It can be made with a normal two-piece back or a paneled back of alternating timbers depending on the customer's wishes.