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Violin, Viola and Cello


My violins are made in the style of the Cremonese masters. The models are derived from careful study of original instruments and construction forms. They follow the original designs in the outlines, f holes, scrolls and arching. They also follow the same pattern of thicknessing of the front and back plates.

At present I offer the following models:

Stradivari PG form

Stradivari P form

Stradivari B form or "Long Pattern

Guarneri del Jesu

Nicolo Amati Grand Pattern


Violin: $3000

Viola: $3500

Cello: $5000


Stradivari "PG" form 


This pattern was one of the most used in the Stradivari workshop and is represented by such great instruments as the 1709 “Viotti” and 1716 “Messiah”. The pattern shows the influence of Nicolo Amati in its smooth curves but its dimensions are enlarged and the arching is flatter and more powerful than the Amati style.






Stradivari "P" form

This model is similar in dimensions to the PG form, but has a slightly squarer outline in the upper and lower bouts. The scroll is also more slender than the PG form. This pattern corresponds to instruments such as the 1713 “Hubermann, 1715 “Titian” and 1721 “Kruse”. 


Stradivari B form "Long Pattern"

Exemplified by instruments such as the ex "Muir MacKenzie" and the superb "Harrison" this pattern was used in the 1690s and shows a heavy influence of Nicolo Amati's designs. However, Stradivari enlarged Amati's pattern by lengthening the lower bout substantially (the body measures around 362mm in length). The result is a long slender body with the smooth lover Stradivari style arching. 


Guarneri "Del Jesu" Model Violin 

This model is based principally on the 1735 “Plowden” violin. The outline is slightly smaller than the Stradivari patterns, but a little wider in the waist. The arching on this instrument is full and the f holes are smooth and elegant. 

Nicolo Amati Grand Pattern

The largest pattern Nicolo Amati worked with, although still smaller than the instrument designs of Stradivari. This is characterised by the high, rounded arching and the smooth flowing outline and f holes. The sound is rich but still powerful.



Baroque Violin 

Stradivari Style

Amati Style 



The viola model is based principally on the "Gibson" Stradivarius of 1734. It has a body length of 415mm and a neck length of 148mm.