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Justin White Violin and Guitar Maker

Maker of violins and guitars, modern and historical


I am a musical instrument maker in Sydney Australia, making a range of bowed and plucked string instruments. Violins and violas are made according to the traditional designs, as well as with Baroque specifications on request.

The guitars are made according to a range of styles, including modern classical, steel string, several styles of romantic era guitars, and Renaissance and Baroque instruments.

Instruments are priced so as to make them affordable for those looking for a better quality instrument within a reasonable budget and to provide an opportunity for students of the guitar to play historical models without an excessive financial investment.

All instruments are handmade and finished, and I use only high quality materials, including both traditional and selected Australian timbers. My customers have included both professionals and amateurs, and I am happy to post instruments interstate or internationally.

Please use the "Contact Us" function or contact me on the following:

Email: [email protected]