Justin White Violin and Guitar Maker

Maker of violins and guitars, modern and historical

Orders and Purchasing

Instruments may be purchased from existing stock or made to order. When ordering an instrument please allow approximately 3 months for a guitar and 4 months for a violin or viola, although it is sometimes possible to deliver and instrument sooner.

To secure an order for a newly made instrument a deposit of 10% is required. The balance may be paid on delivery. Prices are for the instrument only, except for historical guitars - for which a custom case is included.

Current Price list in Australian Dollars

Violin: 2500

Viola: 3000

Classical Guitar: 1800

Flamenco Guitar: 1400

Steel String Guitar: 1400

Lacote Style Guitar: 1400 (pegs) 1500 (machines)

Terz Guitar: 1200

Renaissance Guitar: 1000